at Outliers Mining Solutions we offer our clients the following Services:

Leadership Development

  • Safety Leadership
  • Visual felt leadership
  • Getting more out of your time in field
  • Understanding People

Performance Management

  • Effective Meetings
  • Effective KPIs for People, Process and Equipment Performance
  • Personal Scorecards (KPIs, Soft Skills, Competency Tracking)
  • Short Interval Control and Visual Managment

Technology and Automation

Productivity and Efficiency

  • Site Performance Audits and Opportunity Identification

  • Performance Management and KPIs

  • Operational Process Improvement

  • Process & Value Stream Mapping

  • Big Data and Analytics

Training, Change Management and People

Business Planning and Project Support

  • Mining and Business Planning

System Integration, Applications and Tools

  • System Integration and Digital Mine 

  • Driver Trees, Short Interval Control and Operator Scorecards

  • Fleet Management Real Time Tools Implementation

  • Technology Implementation Project Management Services   

    • Mining Automation

    • Centralized Reporting and Business Intelligence Platforms

    • Fleet Management System

    • Asset Health Monitoring 

    • Fatigue Management

    • Proximity Detection / Collision Avoidance

Asset Management

  • Asset Management Performance Audits
  • Asset Health Monitoring
  • Risk Control

Maintenance Work Management - People, Process and Equipment

  • Planning and Scheduling/Shutdown Management
  • SAP PM Improvement and revitalization (Get More Out of your Investment)
  • Development of site specific process and expectation based “Day in the Life of’s” (Maintenance, Supervisor, Planner, Shutdown Coordinator, Reliability Specialist, Maintenance Superintendent)

Reliability Management

  • Team Based Practical Root Cause Analysis process
  • Operate 4 Reliability (Operator Circle Checks, Loading, Hauling, Drilling)
  • Maintain 4 Reliability (Quality Inspections, Tool Time, Backlog Identification)
  • Reliability Engineer/Specialist coaching/mentoring program

Cost Management

  • Activity based Cost Reporting (Monthly)
  • Building Cost accountability and knowledge across your organisation at all levels
  • Budget and Forecasting
  • Getting the Most Out of SAP PM and FI Cost Reporting